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Palm Siberia by Maou-MaoXD
Palm Siberia
...I realized that my portfolio needs better stuff, so I stopped procrastinating and finished this.

When Palm was first introduced, I instantly developed a liking towards her. Prolly because she's creepy, or I was just able to connect on a spiritual level, lol! :XD:
Yachiru by Maou-MaoXD
...Um... Spoiler...?

My previous dA submission(Naruto Cover Fan Art Contest Entry) made me realize that I should improve my shitty traditional art skills... :iconotlplz:
...And I also realized why have I not used my watercolour pad for some of my watercoloured art :iconheaddeskplz:

Ink and watercolours on watercolour paper
Naruto Cover Fan Art Contest Entry by Maou-MaoXD
Naruto Cover Fan Art Contest Entry
Details are in here:…
This is actually my first time submitting something for a magazine, ahehehe... :XD: And it has also been so long since I last participated in an art contest using traditional media.

...This is not the full resolution, though because of the file upload size limit I think...? I also had some trouble scanning OTL

Ink and watercolours on vellum... except for the SJ logo + minor colour enhancement in Photoshop

P.S. If you're gonna repost this elsewhere, do add the link to this post and credit me. Thankies~ :heart:

NARUTO © Masashi Kishimoto
Believe It! by Maou-MaoXD
Believe It!
Naruto may not be the perfect series and it may have some flaws, but it is undeniably a great series. I'm not a very huge Naruto fan, but I can say that this series is not only a great one, but also an inspiration to many. The series may have ended, but the memories and feels from every chapter/episode, and its characters will always remain in our hearts.

Just as how Naruto strove to become recognized, and finally, achieving his dream of becoming Hokage, let's also do our best to overcome every struggle that we encounter in life.

Don't give up, and like what he always says in the English version, "Believe it!"

Thank you very much for this wonderful series, Kishimoto-sensei!
Yes, as the title says, this is a very late post, because Indieket happened last August, haha! :rofl:

You might have probably noticed my online inactivity, and I believe I have mentioned it several times that I’m working on some projects. One major project, and two solo projects.
I managed to finish those solo projects, and just this August 2nd, I have released my first original comic.


On the left is my original comic, and on the right is the Bleach doujin… or more like a compilation of the stuff I posted in my other art blog plus more, lol.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to release the doujin on Indieket, the comic con event last August 2, due to lack of funds for printing. But I’m looking at the option of selling it online too.

The purpose of this project and why a gag comic was just to see if I’m fit to be a comic artist or not. Because: 1.) Comic-making is a tedious task. I wanna know how serious or far I can go with a gag comic 2.) I want to take a shot in this while I’m still in the population of worthless trash in society a.k.a. unemployed self-employed. Let’s just say that this was also a gamble because I had to do everything on my own: art, story, layouting, funding for printing, binding, editing etc. And I literally had to gamble what little funds I have. Luckily, I have a few friends who took their time to critique my work. At one point, when I was almost done with the manuscript, I ripped more than half of it because as one of my friends said, it was boring and that I can do better than that. Taking his suggestions into account, I re-did all those missing parts.

I put the emphasis on INDEPENDENT on independent comic artist.

This was actually my second time attending this con, and my first time as an exhibitor/participant.

Our table earlier during the event…

…and near the end of the event

During the course of this project, I learned a few things:

  • Just because you can make funny fan-made comic strips doesn’t mean that making original gag comics would be a walk in the park. Nope. The difference between those two is that in fan-made comics, there is already a template for you: the characters, events, places, and the world itself. All you have to do is insert the humour. Whereas when you want to make a original one, you have to start from nothing.
  • Humour is not as easy as it seems. Some people have it naturally, while some have to work their way into it. Despite how humorous my fan-made comic strips are, I had difficulty coming up with original gags. I even encountered a block for several days!
  • If you wanna be a pro, have someone critique your work. And no, not friends, unless they’re the types of friends who are pros as well and would not hesitate to burn your work.
  • If you think you can do better than the one you have finished or working on (and if there’s still time for changes and adjustments) don’t hesitate to start all over again. Do not be contented with a “meh, it’s fine” kind of work.
  • If you’re gonna do commissions at an event, bring sample works. XD
    The only sample work I had, and I did it on the spot OTL

Even if I didn’t sell that much… hey, it’s still an accomplishment. And yes, a learning process, too.

And if you think this is over now… Well, it’s not. Soooo yeah… No rest for the Maou… XD

To those who wish to pursue this path professionally, whether it’s a doujin or an original work, and regardless of your preferred medium, comic-making is a tedious work. No, I’m not threatening you, I’m just stating a fact. It’s also a gamble. You’ll never really know if it’s a hit or miss because of the audience. My advice to you is… Research, ask for critiques, practice, experiment, research some more, observe, and don’t be afraid to take risks. By deciding to take the path of a professional comic artist, you are already in a gamble. There are already risks. So don’t be afraid to try and make errors. Even professional comic/manga artists make mistakes. And their works wouldn’t be how they are right now if they didn’t undergo this trial by fire.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional comic artist and I still have waaaaaaaayyyys to go before I become a pro, haha! ;u;


As of now, I have three solo projects in the works, and I'm planning to have at least one finished before the end of the year. ;u;

And if anyone's interested for a commission, commission details are right over here *click click*
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